Tips To Fix Outlook Errors That Occur From Microsoft Word

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The Microsoft Office package is a bundle of various applications and when you install them on your computer, the different applications in them combine and seek the help of each other to give you the best output. An example is the utilization of Microsoft Word by the Outlook program for editing documents. However, when Outlook makes use of Word, errors can pop up. An error, which is common, is the one that comes up while address email communication is carried out by personal distribution lists. Here we will find out the reasons for this error and the tips to fix them yourself; you need not contact Outlook help centre for assistance.

What is personal distribution list?

Personal distribution list is a convenient form of email sending in Outlook, which allows you to mail many people at a time. It not only allows you to send mails to numerous users, they help you to format each of them. When the mails reach the recipients, they will see their names on the text.

Removed or deleted PDLs

If the PDL location is changed to a different location on your computer, this error can occur. This is because, Word does not recognize the new location automatically and in order to work out this problem, compose a new message and select ‘Send To’ and then navigate to the location of your PDL and select ‘OK’.

Try Hotfix

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After recognizing the errors in 2003 and 2007 versions of Outlook, Microsoft has released a hotfix to patch up the trouble. Download the patch from Microsoft and run the file to fix the issue. All you need to do is follow the on-screen commands to install the file and run them. It automatically detects the trouble and tries to fix it automatically.

Change the compatibility mode

When you run Outlook in compatibility mode, you may receive the error message ‘an unexpected error has occurred’ and to fix this trouble, end the compatibility mode. For this, navigate to the location “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office and look for the executable file of Outlook. It will have .exe as extension. Uncheck the box near ‘Run in compatibility mode’. This will end the compatibility mode of Outlook and fix the errors associated with Outlook.

The above-mentioned steps will help you to get rid of errors with Outlook without contacting the Outlook help and support center. If still you did not succeed in fixing the issue, you may contact Microsoft support.