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Do you have a compute that is being shared by multiple persons? Is it that you all use the same Microsoft Outlook email client to access your emails? It can be difficult if you use the same email client to manage the email accounts of different users when you have a shared computer with you. Microsoft Outlook lets you solve this issue quickly and effectively using its built-in features. You can create separate email folders for each specific person using the Outlook application. This is a really useful feature and is a great time saver. The process is fairly simple and once your Outlook is configured this way, it will automatically separate each person’s email into their own folders.

The following Outlook Help menu will help you accomplish the task easily.


  • Launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • Click the option Tools from the top menu and then click on the Rules Wizard option.
  • Click on the New button on the Rules Wizard Screen.
  • Click on the text that reads Check messages when they arrive, on the first screen of the wizard, to highlight it. Click Next.
  • Select the checkbox next to the text line when received through the specified account.
  • Look for the word specified in the lower pane of the wizard window. It will be underlined in blue. Click on the word.
  • You need to select the account name that you want to have the program check and move to its own folder. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Check the box next to move it to the specified folder. When the text line appears in the bottom pane, click on Specified and choose the folder for the mail to be moved to as it comes into the system. Click Next.
  • Scroll down the list of exceptions and click on the box for any that may apply. For instance, if you want a copy of an email that was sent with your account in the carbon copy field you would check that box. Click Next.

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  • Select the checkbox next to Run this rule on messages already in the Inbox to move all messages to the desired folder.
  • Select the checkbox next to Turn on this rule. This will bring effect the rule to any incoming mail in the future.
  • Finally click the Finish button at the bottom of the screen. Repeat for any other email accounts that you wish to go to their own folder.

If you need any further assistance on this, you can go through the Outlook help menu to find more tips and trick s that will make your Outlook experience beautiful.