Benefits Of The Microsoft Outlook Mail Client Application

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In all likelihood, the reader is already familiar with the Microsoft Outlook mail application. However, for the benefit of the others, I am here adumbrating the various functions of the Outlook application. By the way, the Outlook help option is right there on the Outlook toolbar, which you may use to find the answers to any Outlook-related queries.

A great mail client application

In short, that is what the Microsoft Outlook application is – a mail client application. To explain it further, this application can be used to access the mail exchange server and download the messages from your account inbox from the server. Similarly, you can use it for sending messages to other email addresses using the mail exchange network.

A key feature of the Outlook mail application is the fact that it can be used even offline. The messages from your account inbox are transferred to your Outlook inbox and you may access them any time you want. In fact, there is even an option for the messages in your server account inbox to be deleted after you have transferred them to the Outlook inbox.

Similarly you could also compose messages to be sent later in the Outlook outbox. Once you have created a message, just press the ‘send’ button and it would be stored in the Outlook outbox. When the application is connected to the mail exchange server, all the messages stored in the Outlook Mail outbox would be send to their destinations.

About the Outlook Address Book and Distribution List features

The Outlook Address Book is another useful feature in the mail application. The Address Book is a list that includes all your contacts and other communication information. This information would come handy when you are sending work-related messages to all your colleagues.

Outlook Distribution List

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Another useful feature worth mentioning here is the Outlook Distribution List. As the name suggests, it is a distribution list that contains the selected contacts to which you have to send the same mail message. As part of your work, you might be required to send bulk messages to all the others in your office or the organisation. In such circumstances, you can use the Distribution List feature to send the message to all rather than typing the contact information individually.

There are many other useful features available in the Microsoft Outlook application. Visit the Outlook help webpage for such tips and other useful tools.