Methods For Backing Up Your Outlook PST File

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All the data in your Outlook email client is stored in the personal file folder or PST file. Therefore, it is advised that you backup this file regularly. This will help you to restore all the data in the Outlook program if your PST file becomes corrupted. In this post, we will go through the steps to backup your Outlook PST file, which is as simple as an Outlook email setup.

Steps Involved

You can backup your PST files by two methods. Let us go through these methods below.

Method one

The first method is to download the tool from Microsoft, which is exclusively designed for backing up PST files. For this, go to the official website of Microsoft and navigate to the Download section. Search for the add-in Microsoft Personal Folders Backup. This tool is compatible with almost all Outlook versions like Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Select the option Download and save the file to a location in your hard drive. Once the download is complete, navigate to the folder where you have saved the downloaded file and run it. Finish with the installation process and restart your computer.

Launch your Outlook program once the computer turns on, and choose the option File, and click the option Backup. This step will open the window for Outlook Personal Folders Backup. You may customize the backup process by selecting the button Options. Choose a location to save the backed up files. Select OK and choose the option Save. With the installation of the add-in in the program, you need not worry about the backup process, as it will automatically create the backup of your PST file at the time specified by you.

If you are using Outlook 2010, you need not install this add-in, as it is already present in the program. However, you need to activate it. For this, launch the program and select the tab for add-ins. Choose the button Backup and this will open the Outlook Personal Folders Backup window.

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Method two

The second method is to copy the PST file to a different location in your computer. For this, browse to the location of the .pst file and right click on it. Select Copy and go to a different location in your computer, right click and choose Paste.

After Outlook email setup, it is important to backup Outlook PST file to ensure that you do not lose your valuable emails from your program.  For additional assistance on Outlook backup, you may contact our technical support team.