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How To Remove The Google Toolbar From IE

Posted on by Brad Chrobok


Some people love working with toolbars as toolbars provide us with a number of features like quick search results, instant link to social media sites, news updates and so on. Since such a lot of functionality is available, many people knowingly or unknowingly install a number of toolbars. Sometimes, users may get fed up with the use of toolbars and they might feel the need to remove t…

Setup Steps For Outlook Email

Posted on by Louise Armitage

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients among Windows users. There are many tools and user-friendly features, which enable you to manage emails. This is why lot of people prefer to work with Outlook. There are various features like calendar, contact listing, task and schedules, which help give your emails a professional look.

Outlook often works like our perso…

Important Practices For Outlook That You Require To Know

Posted on by Brad Chrobok

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The Outlook program from Microsoft is an email client. It is an excellent email program, as many users would attest. But this software is sometimes known to crash or bring up problems at unforeseen times. Outlook help provides ways for you to make use of the program with minimal need of repair. The foremost thing to bear in mind when using Microsoft Outlook is to keep taking backups fo…

What Can You Do When Your Outlook PST File Goes Bad

Posted on by Brad Chrobok

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Users who frequently use Microsoft Outlook have to be careful. Many people use Outlook on a customary basis, and have gotten their PST files corrupted. They have no backups to help them out of such Outlook problems. When the Outlook PST files get corrupted or damaged, it results in Outlook sending error messages to you. This is among the common Outlook problems. Your email cannot …

Remove The Babylon Toolbar Completely From Your System

Posted on by Louise Armitage

How to remove Babylon toolbar

Often, you would find your browser filled with toolbars and add-ons that you did not install – the Babylon toolbar, for example. The Babylon toolbar can be used for many useful purposes, as a dictionary application or as a translator. However, it takes over the browser and changes many of its settings acting as an adware for the Babylon website.

How to remove Babylon toolbar

The Ba…

Procedure To Delete All Calendar Entries In Outlook 2003

Posted on by Brad Chrobok

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The software giant Microsoft is the greatest developer, creator and producer of incredible software. No company can beat their customer base, which includes millions of users around the globe. Such has been the hegemony of their Operating System series known as Windows, that a vast majority of people in the world are still using it, and will probably be using it for many years to co…

Instructions To Remove Duplicate Contacts From Microsoft Outlook

Posted on by Louise Armitage

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There are many features available in Outlook, out of which maintaining a list of contacts is one of them. Unfortunately, there can be duplicate contacts present, which can be frustrating. Deleting these duplicate files can be extremely tedious especially when there are many contacts. You can follow the steps mentioned below, in order to delete duplicate entries in your MS Outlo…

Methods To Resolve Outlook Shutdown Problems

Posted on by Brad Chrobok


Usually, one of the major problems associated with system shutdown is that it still keeps on running, irrespective of the command given. The issue can be severe when another process tries to access the message stored on Outlook. Other times, there can be Outlook problems due to the intervention caused by other programs like antivirus software and synchronization software used w…

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